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Terms & Conditions

TimeRiftTours / Terms & Conditions


TimeRiftTours offers its visitors the opportunity to register interest as a supplier of Virtual Reality tours via the website www.timerifttours.com.


1.1 Accepting the Terms of Use

By visiting TimeRiftTours you accept these Terms of Use. If you don’t accept these provisions, please stop using website and leave it.

1.2 Intended use

All users are open to visit the website according to its intended use. The use of further service such as the registration or subscription of services requires prior registration.

1.3 Changes to the booking platform

TimeRiftTours reserves the right to change the content, structure, functions, and so on, of the internet platform, add new functions, or partially or fully suspend existing content and functions temporarily or permanently, as well as attach selected functions to the fulfilment of certain conditions, at any time without notice. TimeRiftTours can partially or completely block access to the website for particular users.

You are always legally bound by the Terms of Use at the time of your visit.

1.4 Limitations of Liability

TimeRiftTours strives to keep the website up to date and accurate. Notwithstanding, TimeRiftTours does not accept liability for the correctness and timeliness of the information displayed on the website. You are using or refraining from the use of this information at your own responsibility. TimeRiftTours excludes liability for accessing or using this website including all the therein contained information and data.

TimeRiftTours does not accept liability for damages caused by computer viruses, spyware and other malicious computer programs.

1.5 Copyright

All content on this Internet platform is protected by copyright: Names, titles, logos, texts, pictures, designs, and so on, may not be copied, modified, transferred, reproduced, and so on, for any commercial or non-personal purposes unless written permission has previously been granted.

1.6 Links to other websites

www.timerifttours.com can contain links to other websites. These websites are maintained by third parties and TimeRiftTours has no influence on their content, functions etc. TimeRiftTours formally dissociates itself from the content of linked website and does not accept liability for the content or conduct of the owners of the respective websites.

2. Privacy

2.1 Data collection

When visiting this website, TimeRIftTours collects certain data (e.g. IP address, browser type) for statistical purposes. This data will be evaluated anonymously tp improve internal systems and procedures, e.g. in order to improve the usability of the website etc.


Should you, even without prior registration, transfer data to us, e.g. booking queries or data from forms, TimeRIftTours can evaluate this data anonymously for statistical purposes, even if no reservations take place.

3. Registration and booking

3.1 Registration

When you register on the website (opening an account with us), you are transferring personal data such as name, address, date of birth, phone number, e-mail address and information about booked services, to us. We will store this data.

4. Cookies

4.1 Use of cookies

TimeRiftTours uses cookies to provide you with our services and recognise you during your current session and in future sessions when you return.

4.2 Settings

Your browser software can be adjusted to determine how your computer accepts cookies. If you disable cookies in your browser software, you will still be able to visit our website, however, it is very possible that certain functions cannot be used to the or will not function as intended. Cookies can always be deleted from your computer at a later date.

4.3 Google Analytics

www.timerifttours.com uses Google analytics. Google Analytics provides TimeRiftTours with (anonymous) website activity reports. For this purpose Google Analytics uses cookies. Information on Google’s privacy policy can be found at http://www.google.com/intl/en_ALL/privacy.html. By using www.timerifttours.com you agree with the processing of your data through Google.

5. Use of data

5.1 Improving services

Data is used for contract settlement, improvement of website functions and its presentation, design of product pages, as well as for analysis, marketing and consulting purposes.


If you opted to receive the TimeRiftTours newsletter, we reserve the right to send you regular updates about specials and other announcements.

6. Changes to the General Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

TimeRiftTours reserve the right to change the General Terms of Use and Privacy Statement at any time. The terms at the time of your visit shall always apply.

7. Applicable law

Use of the Website is exclusively subject to European law.