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The Concept

Bring your guests on a journey back through time on the world’s first time-travel tour.

Take your guests on an unforgetable tour and show them past worlds, as they once were. Surround them in history and let them witness it change before their very eyes, in immersive 360º stereoscope.



1. Meet your guests at the tour site

2. They put on the VR Headsets and step into the simulation

3. You control the experience and guide from your tablet or mobile phone

The Content

o See historic sites from multiple locations

o Experience the site at different time periods

o Witness history change before your eyes

The Equipment

o Headsets are plug-and-play ready – turn on the app and they the tour starts

o Fully adjustable for the comfort of the user

o 360 degree immersive stereoscope immerses you guests in a historic world

The Tour

o The tour is controlled from your tablet of mobile phone

o Key points in the simulation and be highlighted by simply dragging and dropping labels and text

o Change the scene by simply clicking a button, transporting your guests through time

Customer Reviews

Excellent tours

We were also lucky enough to try the new virtual reality experience for the wall, which really brought the whole thing to life. Don't miss out!

Mark H

where the future of tours is headed!!

at the Bernauer Strasse Berlin Memorial we got to try out a virtual reality headset, which was extremely cool and most likely where the future of tours is headed!! Cannot recommend more 🙂


Fantastic experience

I was lucky enough to test out the virtual reality headset with the When in Berlin guides at the Bernauer Strasse Berlin Wall Memorial. It was a great experience, really bringing the history to life

Charlotte H

incredible and very real-feeling look

I had the chance to the Wall Memorial on Bernauer Str. with these guys a couple weeks ago and check out their Virtual Reality experience, getting an incredible and very real-feeling look into the past and what it was like to stand on the death strip back when it was as terrifying as its name suggests!

Alistair D

amazed at the technology

It was an incredible experience. I was amazed at the technology how it could transport you back in time and bring the history alive at such an important point in the history of the Berlin Wall. It was immersive and a unique take on the history or Berlin


incredible experience

It really was an incredible experience to be able to physically see what the border looked like throughout the varying years of the wall's existence, as opposed to having to imagine it, or rely on photographs. I would definitely recommend anyone in Berlin and interested in the history of the Cold War and the Berlin Wall to check out When in Berlin and do the virtual reality tour, you won't be disappointed!

Hanna R



A VR tour is a 360º total immersion tour, meaning that you place your users in the center of a virtual scene and they feel like they really are back in the past.

It consists of various scenes in one geographical location, throughout various time periods.

For example, with the Berlin Wall, the tour is centered in the area around the Berlin Wall Memorial Site (Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer), and includes views from the West, the East and the infamous Death Strip, as well as a few extra views. Each scene is shown in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s and is historically accurate.


Stand out from the crowd! Apart from differentiating yourself from the competition by being the first to offer your guests VR tours, by signing up to our platform you can benefit from

  • Special discounts on advertising with our advertising partners
  • Special discounts on hardware with our distribution partners
  • Access to a huge network of guests through our DMC partners
  • Paying commission per tour delivered, i.e. only after your guests have paid you
  • Using drag and drop, build your own narrative into each tour marking it with your personality and making it an even more unforgettable experience

No! We carry out extensive analysis before we create the tour to ensure we are creating something historically accurate and sympathetic to the historical site in question. We take our work seriously and once created, we have all the content verified by experts in the field to ensure its authenticity and accuracy.


Ah, the $64,000 question!

Well, the good news is much, much less than $64,000!

We charge a commission per tour, which varies along a sliding scale, depending on the tour volume you can deliver. Discounts on hardware and advertising are also in line with your tour volume.

Please get in touch with us for more info, we can share example business plans and offer a personalised quote.


Absolutely not! The VR scenes are one component of the tour. You are the other.

The idea behind the VR content is that it allows you to present the site in much more historical detail. It lets people see what the site was really like, how it changed over time and how it compares with today’s views. This not only allows your users to get a first-hand experience of the passage of time, it brings the site to life in a way otherwise impossible, provoking discussion and aiding learning.

At each step you will be there to guide your guests, to answer their questions and to entertain them with your stories. VR is just an amazing tool to help you deliver world class tours!

Not to mention, ensuring your guests never forget your work.


The tours are centred on our content management platform, the brains of the operation. This platform holds all the content you need for a tour and is really simple to operate. Can you drag things and drop them? Then it’s no problem for you!

As a tour guide, you get your own control app that runs from your mobile phone and allows you to control the tour, live. Think of it as an incredible laser pointer for VR – changing from one scene to the next and highlighting various elements inside the simulation to help explain the site to your guests.

Finally, we have programmed a fancy gadget called a Monetization Engine. Although it sounds complicated, it works in the background like a virtual bookkeeper letting you know how many tours you deliver and how much you owe for each tour. It will also give you lots of other stats about your users helping you to improve your tours! The good thing is, we bill you after you have given the tour so you only pay for what you use. Neat, right?


No problemo.

We admit that at TimeRiftTours, we are a bit geeky and love working with complicated technologies. We also admit that most people are not like this and like their technology to be as powerful as a sumo wrestler whilst remaining as easy as pie to use. We hear ya!

For this reason, we designed the platform to function simply with drag and drop.

Once you login, you can access each scene from your tour and by simply dragging elements on top of it (and dropping them there of course), you can add visual tags inside each 3D scene that you can pop up in front of your guests during the tour. We see this as a really useful tool for highlighting landmarks within the VR scene so that your users know exactly what you are describing. You can also add text and video if you like. Pretty cool right?

Using the control app, you can then activate these elements (with the push of a button) and they appear before your guest’s eyes in the VR world.

You – “Now can you see the church over there?”
Guests – “What church?”

One press of a button on your control app later…

Guests – “Wow, yeah now I see it!”
You – “ok, here’s a really great story about that church…”

And it really is as easy as that. If you don’t believe us – get in touch using the form below and we will be happy to give you a demo.


We are currently running trials with the product at the minute – if you want to try it out, contact us to see how we can offer you an exclusive beta test.

(Pssssst…What’s a beta test?)

It’s a techy way of saying “a private test before anyone else gets to use it”.


We’re sure you do!

That’s why we added the contact form. Drop us a line and we will try our best to help you out.