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Because with TimeRiftTours,

now you can!

…Virtually!  Using the latest portable VR headsets, we show you the past like you’ve never seen it before – in 360º Immersive Virtual Reality.

Step into the past and see hyper-realistic scenes in 360º VR to witness history first hand. See what few have ever seen, stand where few dared to stand and experience history’s key moments as if you were really there!

Our professional tour guide partners will guide you through the physical site whilst you journey back through time, seeing the site at various periods in its history, comparing and contrasting today with yesterday and witnessing history being made, all before your very eyes.

TimeRiftTours Presents
The Berlin Wall Tour
Take a tour of the infamous Berlin Wall from various different view points, throughout it's troubled history

See the Wall from all sides

Berlin Wall East
Berlin Wall West
Death Strip

Features – in depth…

• Numerous points of view within the scene
• Scenes from several different years
• Differing weather conditions
• Animations within the scene add to the realism
• Special points of view and animated features
• Developed with experts to ensure historical accuracy
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But wait…

is it just the Berlin Wall?

Of course not! The world is full of amazing places, sites and monuments from our history and we want to show you as many as possible. We have ambitious plans to roll out Virtual Reality tours first across Europe, then the rest of the world.
Seriously though, the South American writer George Santayana once wrote, “Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it”. We are on a mission to ensure that history is brought back to life for our generation and for those to come. It’s vital that we learn from our past triumphs and glories and never forget our darkest days.
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Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it

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